[thelist] cf redirection

Czechowski, Aaron aczechowski at towson.edu
Mon Jul 17 10:39:11 CDT 2000

i have a simple cf admin page using cfswitch (thanks to palyne's tip a few
weeks ago) with four cases.  most of the cases do a very specific db action
(e.g., delete a record, update a record, etc) - and all I want to do is
flash a message saying "record updated" then redirect back to the main page.
i currently have this funky snippet:<!--

<b>Record Updated!</b> Redirecting to <a href="pcorder.cfm">main
  <img src="images/1px000.gif" width="0" height="0"

which isn't exactly smooth.  it redirects too quickly to see what it's
doing.  i suppose i could use a js alert or something, or write a quick js
function to count a few seconds before redirecting.  and i'm guessing i
can't use http-equiv="refresh".   does anyone know of a way to redirect
using CF?  or perhaps an altogether different way for processing the action?


aaron  :)

Aaron M. Czechowski, MCP
Senior Client Services Associate
Computing and Network Services
Towson University


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