[thelist] site price help

Theodore Serbinski need-4-speed-ski at erols.com
Mon Jul 17 11:38:26 CDT 2000

Okay I have this client that obviously wants a website for her business, but
at the same time, doesn't have much concept of the web nor the things to/not
to do.

Therefore trying to explain things has been a little hard. And when I
anncouned the price, I could see they thought I was crazy.

What they wanted was basically an online catalogue of the photos they have
(600+ in categories, 400+ more) but since the images were grouped in sets,
they only wanted to show one image in the set. Okay not bad. But maintaining
it would be superhard, since they are constantly adding more and more
images. Obviously some sort of mysql/php would a great start in keeping
things intact. At the same time that bumps up the price. So for a new site
(probably 3-4 real html pages/templates) and a php backend and adminstration
page (to add images, set descriptions, ect...) I was asking for around
$1800. Not too bad, right? Or is that too high/low?

Since they thought that was high (they have no idea that is relatively cheap
for web work) I am considering an non php/mysql backend. Instead I will
still create the site and a superb navigation system for all of their
categories and some template files. Than I will show them how easy it is to
open the file, change a few things to add more images. If I do this I'm
thinking I'd charge around $950 (trying to stay below $1000 if possible,
sounds cheaper). Is this too low tho? Or too high?

Any thoughts on this are welcomed.


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