[thelist] Spiders and ASP

Seth Bienek - Web Consultant sbienek at acep.org
Mon Jul 17 11:59:30 CDT 2000

HI Doug,

Generally, ASP documents are indexed, however if they contain URL query
strings (i.e.; a question mark) they are usually ignored completely.

You can write a simple function to allow you to use search-engine safe
URL's.  There's a custom-tag that does this in ColdFusion, we use it
extensively at:

You can pick up the custom tag for free at Fusebox.org (a great site for
anyone serious about CF).

Even if you're not using CF, you can look at the tag in any text editor, and
the logic and language are very easy to understand.  If I remember
correctly, it's well-documented also.

Oh yeah, that tag does a whole bunch of stuff.. You can pick out the good
stuf pretty easy though.

Keep those tips up,


Seth Bienek
Independent ColdFusion Developer

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> How do web spiders deal with ASP? can they access them or are 
> they ignored.
> Regards and thanks,
> Doug Potts
> <tip type="ASP" author="Doug Potts">
> 	Response.buffer = true
> Put this at the top of your ASP page and see a nice 
> performance improvement.
> </tip>
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