[thelist] Grammar tips

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 17 14:07:47 CDT 2000

> From: "Ron White" <rwhite at edverify.com>
> Which is why after a spell check, I read any critical email 3 times
> before sending it out to flame some miscreant... :-)

+1... ideally, i wait until the next day... but i take great care to use 
correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation (insofar as i know how) 
because anything less is unacceptable to me... i want the slug on 
the other end to get my point, instead of feeling smug that i 
misspelled 'vapid vultures'...

but that's just me... some of you have seen a couple of my site-
spams (the Adobe one, the site-checking service, etc.) because i 
think they had valid points...

the advantage to cc'ing the list was that it was almost like a peer-
review... i wouldn't want to look stupid... so i take the same care 
with spelling as i do with my facts...

but i also tend to be quiet about other folks' stuff simply because 
netiquette says you should leave spelling alone in lists/posts... on 
sites, though, that's a different story...

anybody else notice that i use the ellipse too much?

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