[thelist] Need Mac users input on a web page

Mark Van Baale mark at geonetric.com
Mon Jul 17 14:48:57 CDT 2000

Hello, I would really appreciate it if some Mac users that have Netscape 4.0
or above could check this page: http://www.tkroofing.com/home2.html and let
me know what happens when you bring your mouse over the "Why T&K" button on
the left? There should be a pop-up menu that pops up only when you mouseover
"Why T&K" and disappear when you mouseover another link, like Resources,
etc. Also, when the menu pops up, you should be able to move over the menu
items and be able to select them since they are links. Also, sub-menus
should pop up when you go over the links on the pop-up menu.  Please let me
know if all these things work correctly and if not, maybe some advice or
tips would be great. Thanks so much.

Geonetric Technologies

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