[thelist] Need Mac users input on a web page

Marlene Bruce marlene.bruce at colemandesign.com
Mon Jul 17 15:19:49 CDT 2000

In NC4.7 it looks like the "Why T&K" menu is green, while the rest are red,
except the news which is blinking. They all turn green when moused over.
Click on "Why" reveals the submenu (but the images are broken), and while
the links are clickable...

Oops, it just crashed Netscape.

Umm, as I was saying, while the links are clickable, they aren't highlighted
or underlined to indicate clickability, and the cursor doesn't turn into a
hand either. Menus on subsequent pages seemed to work fine.

In IE5 it's really screwed. Sorry dude. I'll send you a screen shot offlist.


> ----------
> From: 	Mark Van Baale
> Hello, I would really appreciate it if some Mac users that have Netscape
> 4.0
> or above could check this page: http://www.tkroofing.com/home2.html and
> let
> me know what happens when you bring your mouse over the "Why T&K" button
> on
> the left? 

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