[thelist] Grammar tips

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 17 18:30:29 CDT 2000

>From: Erika Meyer <erika at seastorm.com>
> >but i also tend to be quiet about other folks' stuff simply because
> >netiquette says you should leave spelling alone in lists/posts... on
> >sites, though, that's a different story...
> then why not just say: 'check your spelling and grammar.'

on the list?  cuz that's bad form (see above)...

on the critiques i do on the list? i do tell them to check it... but i 
would like to think that they have already done that, or the copy 
wouldn't have seen the light of day...

> a lot of us are updating our sites at ungodly sleep-bleary hours
> because that is when we have time.  this is not an excuse, but it is a
> factor.

no, it really isn't an excuse... just because we can all publish 
something in 10 minutes flat doesn't mean we should or have to... 
we've abandoned all our methods to checking our work, and then 
sheepishly correct mistakes over and over... i've been guilty of it as 
well, but at least i run a spell-check on stuff, whereas i see many 
many sites that don't...

> it's a lot easier to pick out someone's typos than to give a good
> critical analysis of how well an author is communicating a concept, or
> whether the author is on or off the mark.

yes, so i leave that to them or to others... instead i comment on 
the concept (or design, or whatever)... anybody with a few minutes 
can pick out errors in the copy...

i think i missed yer point tho... you say up top to just reference 
that the reader should check it, but then you say that it's easy to 
do as if i should point them all out... my subtlety detector is off, so 
my  nuance selector is on the fritz...

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