It chaps my hide (was Re: [thelist] New TLDs on the way .. for better or worse.)

Oliver Lineham oliver at
Mon Jul 17 18:38:16 CDT 2000

At 14:35 17/07/00 -0500, you wrote:

>If someone really wanted to get around to making their own tld (and I 
>would be the first to recommend .Greg) all they would have to do is start 
>making a
>server or system of servers to hint for the new tlds (and publish a patch
>for BIND to allow two hint caches).  A linux-type movement could eradicate
>the need for NS or domain registrars completely.

i was chatting with isaac yesterday about this same thing:  you are right, 
it is important to remember that the dns is based entirely on trust.  you 
trust the ns's above you to give you goot data, and is 
sitting at the top.  it is a matter of convincing enough people to trust 
some different servers instead or as well.

as it happens, people have been trying for a while.  the one that comes to 
mind most quickly is - who will happily sell you domains 
under ".PORN", or sell you ".GREG" for US$1200.   of course, it's pretty 
pointless as almost no one trusts their root servers.

a dns "revolt" *could* happen, if ICANN were to seriously mishandle the dns 
and upset enough sysadmins.


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