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Lisa Bartholomew lisabee_150 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 17 21:40:47 CDT 2000

Can someone explain to me why members of the web community do not want to 
discuss the prices that they charge for their skills? I have noticed on 
numerous occassions when anyone posts a question about a price including 
myself that the response is often nil or one suggestion that is so airy 
fairy it doesn't answer the question anyway.  Everyone on this list is so 
willing to share their knowledge and their code why not their approx prices? 
I know that people don't want others from undercutting them but for newbies 
finding out if you are charging the correct amount is so difficult. The only 
way i find out is to ask  members of the public what they paid for their 
site. Is there some law i don't know about that prevents you from saying 
look at this site i made i charged xxxx amount? I would be willing to tell 
people what i charged for a site, but this doesn't seem to be the norm. It 
would be a help to those of us who have to design a site for someone in a 
different country where we have no idea of price. This happened to me this 
week i just put in a quote for a job and now i find out it is way too cheap. 
For me in Bangkok the quote was more than i would normally charge, but for 
the guys in New York they are probably getting it at half the price they 
would pay a US firm and you say we are running a cartel? I think not. No-one 
sent me any advice about pricing in the US so i have inadvertially just 
slashed your prices through my own ignorance.
Do we have to do this sort of thing off list or can we be more open about 
it? Do people want to be more open about it?
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