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A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Jul 17 22:12:44 CDT 2000

It's illegal, darling.

It's called price-fixing. Basically, if a band of people get together, say
plumbers or carpenter or glass-blowers or... web developers and start
discussing how much they are going to charge, the group can be accused of

And, in regards to "airy-fairy" there is no set rule. Go buy the Graphics
Artist's Guild Handbook and read it cover-to-cover. Really. It's a good book
and covers the issue of what to charge as well as a million other tidbits
related to freelancing and ethics.

Good day!

- amanda

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> Can someone explain to me why members of the web community do not want to
> discuss the prices that they charge for their skills? I have noticed on
> numerous occassions when anyone posts a question about a price including
> myself that the response is often nil or one suggestion that is so airy
> fairy it doesn't answer the question anyway.  Everyone on this list is so
> willing to share their knowledge and their code why not their
> approx prices?
> I know that people don't want others from undercutting them but
> for newbies
> finding out if you are charging the correct amount is so
> difficult. The only
> way i find out is to ask  members of the public what they paid for their
> site. Is there some law i don't know about that prevents you from saying
> look at this site i made i charged xxxx amount? I would be
> willing to tell
> people what i charged for a site, but this doesn't seem to be the
> norm. It
> would be a help to those of us who have to design a site for someone in a
> different country where we have no idea of price. This happened
> to me this
> week i just put in a quote for a job and now i find out it is way
> too cheap.
> For me in Bangkok the quote was more than i would normally
> charge, but for
> the guys in New York they are probably getting it at half the price they
> would pay a US firm and you say we are running a cartel? I think
> not. No-one
> sent me any advice about pricing in the US so i have inadvertially just
> slashed your prices through my own ignorance.
> Do we have to do this sort of thing off list or can we be more open about
> it? Do people want to be more open about it?
> Lisa
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