[thelist] Spiders and ASP

Isaac Forman isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Jul 17 23:44:28 CDT 2000

> You can pick up the custom tag for free at Fusebox.org (a great site for
> anyone serious about CF).
> http://fusebox.org/files/formurl2attributes.zip


I've chatted with jeff about this tag but haven't got around to using it. I'd
like to get into the habit of using it though to get sites playing happily with
search engines.

Do you have 5 minutes to whip up an example application/article for evolt on how
to use this tag?

Also, are there any disadvantages with its use?

I've also checked out fusebox, but found it confusing. Are there any tricks to
working out the structure they use? I'm guessing that it's a method of
structuring CF applications so that components can be easily reused, and plugged
into others, etc. Is that correct?

What's the general opinion of fusebox? Worthwhile? More trouble than it's worth?
More useful with certain types of applications than others?


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