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> Can someone explain to me why members of the web community do not want to
> discuss the prices that they charge for their skills?


the short version

Pleased be advised that the following guidelines for conduct shall be
established and followed at both this bulletin board and at the meetings of
==your group here==
At meetings of the  ==your group here== and on this bulletin board, no
participant shall be allowed to discuss any subject relating to
prices charged,
discounts offered of any nature,
specific hourly rates,
employee benefits,
or agreements made with third party entities.

Should any discussion of these items take place at a ==your group here==
meeting, said participant will be asked to refrain immediately, disregarding
any pursuant discussion. Should said party deny such request, the meeting
will be immediately disbanded.

a bulletin board that maintains an archive like this one, constitutes an
meeting and even those that don't, can  provide evidence of price fixing...

if i tell you personally you should charge x clams for something we are
having a conversation
If i post it to a group and get agreement,
Even If You Don't Act On IT

it is price fixing and collusion, conspiracy to, and so on...

the penalties are severe!!

the long US version

yes i know ya join a group to talk about what you can do to make the group
better and then somebody wants to talk money.

this also goes for getting aggreement that fred flintstome is a putz..
it is called blacklisting and is bad juju too..
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