[thelist] Content Management Systems

martin burns martinb at anytimenow.com
Tue Jul 18 04:19:19 CDT 2000

Peter wrote:
>here's some interesting articles and ideas on content management systems:
>(content management systems are things like vignette storyserver, alaire 
>spectra, zope, midgard, Frontier/Manila, Bealers' back-end, the slash 
>engine ... that let you manage content)
>wonder though what the requirements for a good content management system 
>are?? And which ones are the best ones out there??? How can you customise 
>and then upgrade? Guys and girls??


There are some thoughts already on the evolt site:

I might add that Vignette has had an entire redesign since I wrote that article, and now is much more comprehensive.

Essentially the things you will need are:
* Workflow
* Scheduling
* Input/workflow platform independence (preferably a browser interface)
* Output platform independence (content can be repurposed for WAP, Digital TV etc)
* Control over every asset you use (including images & outgoing emails)
* Management of the link between content and personalisation.


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