[thelist] How would you respond to this client

David Crowther david at SITD.COM
Tue Jul 18 10:07:54 CDT 2000

Time is money!

If you are wasting time because you client is unhelpful or unorganised, make
sure you charge them for it. Or ditch them and use your time more wisely on
another client.

Keeps stress levels down as a bonus!


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Here is a message I just received from a client that
refused to sign a contract.  During the course of the
design of the website I received money only for
hosting (because he wanted to see it live) and for the
domain name.  He tried switching the hosting service
without contacting me.  He has sent messages similar
to this during this arrangement and also took over two
months to get images for the site.  Honestly in order
to design the site properly, I asked for them in the

So tell me how you would respond comments like this:

I need this  web site completed now.  It
> should not take weeks for 
> a change to be made.  Hours, yes days & weeks no.  
> I sent you a check a 
> day or two ago----I want the site moved to
> concentric.  I want it put 
> together the way we talked originaly and soon.   At
> this point I have spent 
> alot of time on a useless site. PLEASE polish this
> site or I will just 
> abandon the whole idea until I have time over the
> winter to learn myself.

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