[thelist] How would you respond to this client

Wendy Peck wpeck at wpeck.com
Tue Jul 18 11:22:15 CDT 2000


I don't know that this is the same, but I walked away from one client for
much the same reason. I had a contract, and 50% up-front. When the content
arrived, it was a mess - photos took every bit of 10+ years experience with
Photoshop to make presentable. Copy could have been better done by an 8 year
old. Cleaned all of that up, ignored that the photos were 6 weeks late,
which ruined my scheduling, etc. And then, I got a letter like that, one
week after I received the final sorry lot of photos (contract stated site to
be finished two weeks after last content). And a letter demanding that I
IMMEDIATELY put on 8 web rings (not included in the contract) and even more
garbage to be added.

I walked. I lost my shirt, but it was worth it ten times over. I basically
informed her that I wanted her to take the remaining funds and take what I
had done, and find someone to finish it. There was no problem with the
contract, since she was well aware that I had already done more than I had
promised and would have been within my full rights to demand the balance of
payment. The site was basically finished - literally just cleaning up code,
checking every last detail, etc. - and adding the crap that she wanted

I hate quitting, but in this case, it was very much the right thing to do. I
am better at choosing clients than I was at that time - perhaps that is my
value for the lost revenue and suffering that project brought.


> So tell me how you would respond comments like this:
> I need this  web site completed now.  It
> > should not take weeks for
> > a change to be made.  Hours, yes days & weeks no.
> > I sent you a check a
> > day or two ago----I want the site moved to
> > concentric.  I want it put
> > together the way we talked originaly and soon.   At
> > this point I have spent
> > alot of time on a useless site. PLEASE polish this
> > site or I will just
> > abandon the whole idea until I have time over the
> > winter to learn myself.

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