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Donna Jones donnajj at gwi.net
Tue Jul 18 13:30:21 CDT 2000

Dante: not sure where you're writing from, what state or even if it is the
United States.  But, most states, I'm in Maine, have Small Claims Courts.
Here's a link to Small Claims information, in Maine.
http://www.courts.state.me.us/smclaims/toc.html   Obviously, you would have to
deal w/ whatever state you're from, but it would be similar.  Also, you,
hopefully, could find something on-line.  Perhaps just threatening to take them
to Small Claims would be all the "heads-up" they would need, and that would make
it very easy for you.

best wishes,

dante wrote:

> Try this one:
> A few weeks ago I went through a agency for some short term (I was told 3
> weeks) work at company X.
> When I turned up at company X, I found that they only needed me for one week
> only.
> Ok, I thought, not what I wanted - but more stuff for my CV & a small amount
> of cash.
> After 3 days I had finished the work they had allocated for me to do (site
> maintainence & update work on 3 sites), so they told me to take 1 day off &
> they would have more work for me to do as soon as it was organised by the
> creative director.
> On the last day I was there, I was told that they liked my work so much they
> wanted me to come back the next week & to call to verify what days.
> Since then I've been getting the run-around from them: "Sorry, he's in a
> meeting/on the phone/out of the office etc."
> Then I found out from the agency I've been working through that company X
> had used 2 other web designers in 3 weeks & had told them all the same
> story. They have since hired some poor twit from off the street. Needless to
> say the agency was as pissed as I am & won't have anything else to do with
> this company.
> To add insult to injury company X haven't yet payed me for the work that I
> did for them (4 weeks ago now) & have ignored all the invoices I've been
> sending them.
> I'm not sure that legal action or a collection agency is warrented with
> amounts this small, so I'll prob'ly have to forget it if they don't pay up.
> Thanks for reading my rave.
>                                             dante
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