[thelist] How would you respond to this client

A. Erickson amanda at oaktree.com
Tue Jul 18 13:37:07 CDT 2000

What agency did you go through? The agency should be an advocate for you!
Talk to them about getting payment out of that company -- that's ridiculous.
And, this goes without saying, if the agency you worked through won't
advocate for you then find another agency!!!

MacTemps now Aquent and Creative Assets are two new media agencies that
won't leave you dangling.

- amanda

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> Try this one:
> A few weeks ago I went through a agency for some short term (I was told 3
> weeks) work at company X.
> When I turned up at company X, I found that they only needed me
> for one week
> only.
> Ok, I thought, not what I wanted - but more stuff for my CV & a
> small amount
> of cash.
> After 3 days I had finished the work they had allocated for me to do (site
> maintainence & update work on 3 sites), so they told me to take 1
> day off &
> they would have more work for me to do as soon as it was organised by the
> creative director.
> On the last day I was there, I was told that they liked my work
> so much they
> wanted me to come back the next week & to call to verify what days.
> Since then I've been getting the run-around from them: "Sorry, he's in a
> meeting/on the phone/out of the office etc."
> Then I found out from the agency I've been working through that company X
> had used 2 other web designers in 3 weeks & had told them all the same
> story. They have since hired some poor twit from off the street.
> Needless to
> say the agency was as pissed as I am & won't have anything else to do with
> this company.
> To add insult to injury company X haven't yet payed me for the work that I
> did for them (4 weeks ago now) & have ignored all the invoices I've been
> sending them.
> I'm not sure that legal action or a collection agency is warrented with
> amounts this small, so I'll prob'ly have to forget it if they
> don't pay up.
> Thanks for reading my rave.
>                                             dante
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