[thelist] One for the JS experts

James Spahr james at designframe.com
Tue Jul 18 15:22:26 CDT 2000

> 1) Run on 1 page and not 2
> 2) Make the balls light up in Netscape
> 3) work for WebTv
> http://www.funhouselotto.com/playns.htm
> http://www.funhouselotto.com/playie.htm
> The programmer we hired for this job says that #2 is a Netscape glitch and
> #3 is all but impossible.  (If it is impossible, why are other sites doing
> it?)

1. It can be done, the code will get a little squirrelly. I prefer to sort
the differences between the browsers on the server (XSSI, PHP, ASP, ect),
but you could do it all in JavaScript in the browser.

2. Umm, yea - appears to require a re-authoring of how the page is put
together. Depending on how its done it might require extra images to be
downloaded. It can be made to work - it will take time.

3. http://developer.webtv.net/authoring/javascript/

I haven't tried targeting webTV's jellyscript, but it looks like you could
get it to work as well.


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