[thelist] Content Management Systems

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Tue Jul 18 15:51:53 CDT 2000

Peter Van Dijck wrote on 18/7/00 4:36 pm

>>>* Control over every asset you use (including images & outgoing emails)
>what do you mean by that? What kind of control? As in: don't have the 
>system send emails without being able to turn that off? Other examples?
Meaning it's not just web content which goes through the system; changing
images, changing emails, changing flash animations, updating scripts etc
should all go through CMS sign-off.

>>>* Management of the link between content and personalisation.
>I don't understand this one either. Does it mean having different user 
>levels, and having content assigned to certain users (authors, editors, 
Yessss, but that's actually beyond what I was meaning. If you're doing
personalisation of your site, so different external users see different
things (maybe they see different editorial, or ads depending on
preferences, or rules fired by their behaviour), then you have to be
able to preview the effects of that & the targeting of your content.

Otherwise you may end up delivering ads for baby clothes to a user
who's just told you that they've had a miscarriage. Or editorial content
about flights from London to a user in Edinburgh (take a bow, 

Not Good.


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