[thelist] re: site price help

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Tue Jul 18 15:51:55 CDT 2000

A. Erickson wrote on 18/7/00 4:59 pm

>And, finally, figure out how much you need to make as a freelancer to cover
>your costs and make a little extra. If you end up making that amount then
>you shouldn't be too far off the mark, right?

The general advice is that your minimum price should be cost + a 
(ie what Amanda has suggested). Your maximum price should be the value
which you've added to the site/business you've worked on.

Your actual price will be in between, based on a number of things, 
how much it's worth to *you* in experience, learning & portfolio terms,
how much the client can pay etc.

But if the site is really going to cost you money, then don't take it.


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