[thelist] PHP question

Jason Morehead jmorehead at alphalincoln.com
Tue Jul 18 15:54:40 CDT 2000

>I basically want to abstract the full path I need to use for includes,
>because it will change when I start staging the files ...

this is how i do it on my sites...

i set up an include file that contains a variable with the root path, 
and call it something like $base.  i call this include file before 
the <HTML> tags, like so:

	<?php require("vars.inc"); ?>

then, whenever i need to abstract the full path, i just insert the 
variable like so:

	<?php include("$path/includes/include.inc"); ?>

it's essentially what you've got, but a little bit more convoluted. 
however, it works great for larger sites like mine.  just remember to 
have the right path when you're calling that "vars.inc" file at the 
beginning of the document.


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