[thelist] cfhtmlhead tag

Palyne Gaenir palyne at sciencehorizon.com
Tue Jul 18 17:17:56 CDT 2000

ColdFevoltians, the help this list has given me appears to have 
finally helped me begin to truly 'GET IT' with coldfusion.  (I know 
it's made so even a walnut could understand it, but I'm slow.)  I 
really appreciate it.  Inspired by this (and the virtual nearness of 
Jeff, which could perhaps inspire some scriptoid-jungian-osmosis of 
knowledge through the mass consciousness of internet - hey! it could 
happen!), I'm going through and looking for everything I can do, to 
make my scripts and way of going about things better.  

With that as intro I'm going to be posting some Q's to the list about 
stuff that Forta either doesn't explain in detail in his basic CF 
book, or that I just don't understand.  Hope the gurus have mercy on 
me -- and that the answers help others, too.

Starting with this one:

About CFHEADER Forta says there is usually little need to use it.  
The CFHTMLHEAD tag seemed much neater; Forta uses <title> as an 
example.  I tried using more than one of those tags (didn't work); 
putting multiple lines of head code in one tag (didn't work).  I 
tried CFINCLUDEing a whole block of head text; didn't work (required 
reload/refresh to get all stuff read, it appeared, but this was 
inconsistent so I'm not sure). 

How can I put a whole BLOCK of stuff in my head section via the 
application file?  Stylesheet spec and language and doctype, 
copyright, webmaster, for example.

I found ONE way to do it.  I wrote every special character to its 
html equiv ( ()[]{}<>:;,'" etc.), and wrote all my head lines in 
there, then stuck all the lines together as one massive variable to 
pass.  That worked.  It's kinda hard to decipher in the appfile 

So now I use abbreviations -- setting variables in the app file for 
values and then using a template that has the code for those tags and 
the variable-as-value in the head.  But I still have to be listing 
all the stuff in the doc.  I'm trying to get out of putting anything 
more in the doc than I absolutely have to.

Is there a way of using the CFHTMLHEAD or CFHEADER tags to put an 
entire block of meta, http, and other tags into the head of a 


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