[thelist] re: site price help

Isaac Forman isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Jul 18 19:28:14 CDT 2000

> not to fix prices, or undercut the competition. Merely to help newbies like
> myself from being ripped off by giving someone an incredibly low quote. We

Are you worried about being ripped-off, or simply not getting as much as you

Charge what you're comfortable with. What you need to survive. What the market
will pay. Whatever.

Work out what the job would cost you to do based on your time and overheads, and
then charge accordingly so that you don't lose on it. If someone in the US is
charging more, it's because their cost of living is most likely higher.

Meanwhile, you might charge less because you're lucky enough to live so close to
Koh Samui. ;)

> <tip author="lisabee">
> Don't ask for prices on the list!! :-)
> </tip>

Ask anything appropriate to Web development, but if people are reluctant to
provide their rates, don't get upset about it. :)


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