[thelist] fusebox

Walker, Matthew Matthew.Walker at cdc.org.nz
Tue Jul 18 20:56:48 CDT 2000

> Part of the beauty of developing in Fusebox is it's portability.. Root
> relative paths would impede that, and cripple the methodology, right?

The reverse I *think*.

>From http://fusebox.org/version2.0/documentation/:

"If your server contains multiple CF applications, the easiest way to manage
these applications is to create a Cold Fusion mapping to the root directory
of each of these applications. A Cold Fusion mapping is different than a web
server mapping, it is specific to the CFINCLUDE AND CFMODULE tags not the
<a> or <form> tags. This allows you to specify an absolute directory name
using those two tags. The reason for doing this is to make use of the Global
Blocks and Queries. For example, anywhere in your site you can <CFINCLUDE
template="/ROOTMAPPING/queries/qry_somequery.cfm"> or <CFINCLUDE
template="/ROOTMAPPING/blocks/dsp_someblock.cfm"> This means that regardless
of what directory the calling template is in it will be able to cfinclude
(or cfmodule) the query or display block. Cold Fusion mappings are set in
the CF administrator."

I would have thought if you wanted to refer to some module it would be nice
to always be using the same link.

The other thing is, if you don't have access to the CF server, you need to
put your custom tags in every folder you call them from, possibly having to
duplicate the tags, is that correct? 

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