[thelist] OnBlur and CFIF together?

Palyne Gaenir palyne at sciencehorizon.com
Tue Jul 18 21:10:31 CDT 2000

Hi Listmongers,

I'm looking for some kind of "generic" onBlur script that in the 
header, will only do function and would allow me to insert the CF 
code of my choice to be executed inside (where the onBlur is used -- 
not in the head) -- is this possible??

Essentially I want some kind of simple universal script that I can 
put on every form field that will do whatever I need including 
checking length of entries in textareas, last three chars of 
FileNames in a file upload field, and so forth.

I saw references recently made on another CF list related to this 
kind of JS (but not including CF code inside of course!) and I went 
and downloaded .js and explanatory files... but ye gods....  must all 
this js stuff be SO complicated??

Since CF can do form validation AFTER a form is submitted by doing IF 
statements looking for various things in important fields, I'm 
looking for a way to use both the js onBlur and CF code to do all the 
validation IN the form.  Possible??

Now I've gone through the BFCF book on CFFORM but first of all, it 
only does SOME things and not stuff I need that I could do with CFIF, 
and second of all, it doesn't work for textareas which is the MAIN 
place I need a length-check for validation. 

Failing this, has anyone the simple (I once had it!) js for textarea 
length-check onBlur... one that is generic in head and allows 
different settings within form field (for multiple uses of it in one 

Anybody have any ideas?

Best Regards,

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