[thelist] fusebox

Seth Bienek - Web Consultant sbienek at acep.org
Tue Jul 18 21:23:05 CDT 2000

Obviously I've slept since I've read the spec.. :)

I've used an application variable in the past, usually called something like
application.rootdir, when I absolutely neeeeded to use absolute paths..
Never had any unresolvable problems... :)

That mapping thang is sweeeeeet though..


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> > Part of the beauty of developing in Fusebox is it's 
> portability.. Root
> > relative paths would impede that, and cripple the 
> methodology, right?
> The reverse I *think*.
> From http://fusebox.org/version2.0/documentation/:
> "If your server contains multiple CF applications, the 
> easiest way to manage
> these applications is to create a Cold Fusion mapping to the 
> root directory
> of each of these applications. A Cold Fusion mapping is 
> different than a web
> server mapping, it is specific to the CFINCLUDE AND CFMODULE 
> tags not the
> <a> or <form> tags. This allows you to specify an absolute 
> directory name
> using those two tags. The reason for doing this is to make 
> use of the Global
> Blocks and Queries. For example, anywhere in your site you 
> template="/ROOTMAPPING/queries/qry_somequery.cfm"> or <CFINCLUDE
> template="/ROOTMAPPING/blocks/dsp_someblock.cfm"> This means 
> that regardless
> of what directory the calling template is in it will be able 
> to cfinclude
> (or cfmodule) the query or display block. Cold Fusion 
> mappings are set in
> the CF administrator."

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