[thelist] re: site price help

Lisa Bartholomew lisabee_150 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 18 22:46:36 CDT 2000

" No one is under any obligation to answer a question or solve someone
else's problem. If you come on the list and ask everyone "How much do you
make?" and no one answers then tough! No one feels like telling you how much
they make so why don't you go look up the handfull of salary surveys on the
web and figure it out."

I was not asking for how much do people make, i would never ask someone 
straight out that question it is insensitive and inpolite.
What i did ask was for an opionion on the question is $50 an hour a very 
cheap rate for a firm in New York. If someone said yes, then i would have 
more of an idea to adjust my quote accordingly. Believe you me i have 
searched the web, i am constantly trying to find out info on making my 
prices competetive. I can not get a job where i live because i am a 
foreigner, so i have to make a living working for myself, i have no choice, 
so at the time i thought it was an ok question to ask.

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