[thelist] FrontPage2000 Include Page Component Locking Up....

Madhu Menon madhu at asiacontent.com
Wed Jul 19 08:38:57 CDT 2000

At 06:57 PM 7/18/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Yup. FP includes happen at authoring time, not at run time. This is a pain
>for you (I was running an intranet once, using FP includes for common
>navigation, and one edit took 45 mins to ripple through the 2000 odd

Ouch. You had FP for a 2000 page site? Omigosh. You're a sucker for 
punishment, aren't you?

>pages it was on), but means that IIS has static HTML pages on it, with
>the associated performance gains for the real users.

Actually, the performance gain isn't really that significant. IIS caches 
include files and there is a microsecond delay while it inserts the code, 
but other than that, you wouldn't notice the difference.

I do believe Aardvark has some 6 or 7 includes on some of his sites. Ask him.

<tip type="IIS caching" author="Madhu Menon">

When IIS caches ASP files, it caches the actual script file. This means 
that the ASP page is served from the cache rather than being loaded again 
from disk. However, this does not mean that the *output* of that script is 
cached. The ASP file must still be interpreted and executed each time the 
page is requested. ASP is an interpreted language, not a compiled one. So, 
if your code is not well-written, your performance will still suffer.

This is according to one of the top ASP experts. If anyone differs from 
this, please let me know.




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