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Niklaus Haldimann n.haldimann at derbund.ch
Wed Jul 19 09:22:51 CDT 2000

At 15:25 06.07.00 -0400, Czechowski, Aaron wrote:
>	What do ya'll think about that?  Is there an advantage (process
>speed, less connections, etc.) in having just one or two pages for
>something, rather than having a multitude of pages, one for the initial
>page, one for processing featureX, another for featureY, etc.?

I know, I'm really a bit late on this one, but I just wanted to point out
an annoying problem when doing large sites with just one
ASP/CF/PHP/whatever page: You'll find difficulties with site statistics.
Our main site www.ebund.ch (which is a rather large online newspaper, don't
blame me for the lame design, I didn't do it) runs with one ASP page called
ebund.asp. Now all that appears in our stats (we use LiveStats) is a
gazillion hits on ebund.asp, which isn't of any interest since we want to
know which articles are viewed the most and so on. I ended up writing a
perl script that parses the query strings of ebund.asp, so we could have
the stats we wanted ...


PS: I feel the need to apologize for my bad English. ;-)

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