[thelist] FrontPage2000 Include Page Component Locking Up....

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Wed Jul 19 10:30:15 CDT 2000

> When IIS caches ASP files, it caches the actual script file. 
> This means 
> that the ASP page is served from the cache rather than being 
> loaded again 
> from disk. However, this does not mean that the *output* of 
> that script is 
> cached. The ASP file must still be interpreted and executed 
> each time the 
> page is requested. ASP is an interpreted language, not a 
> compiled one. So, 
> if your code is not well-written, your performance will still suffer.
> This is according to one of the top ASP experts. If anyone 
> differs from 
> this, please let me know.
(there are people on this list who were indeed waiting for this ;) )

IIS4 caches the ASP page if and only if there is only ASP code in the page.
The page is *not* cached if there is a mix of ASP and plain HTML. In other
words, your include file which contains nuthin but functions will get
cached, but your default page where you have some random response.writes
here and there will not.

--Which leads to a good programming practice: Separate code and content.

think safely

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