[thelist] razorfish retaliates

the head lemur lemurs at extremezone.com
Wed Jul 19 11:42:11 CDT 2000

> razorfish says IAM still owes them $537,328.58, and have counter-sued.
> http://www.inside.com/story/Story_Cached/0,2770,6901_10,00.html


i did some submission work for some folks for 50 clams
the designer(s) a new media company,  of the site charged them 1750 for the
identical work...
(when you get the same report from the same software you use, you know it
was identical ;)
their explanation was
"we send pages until they bounce, because it is a complex undertaking"

gee why didn't i think of that

mind you that i provided them with the meta tags so the engines had
something to find..... and wrote the text for the engines that index the

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