[thelist] IE 5.5 & CSS

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Wed Jul 19 17:56:59 CDT 2000

I don't remember what your problem is.  But something strikes me 
right off: somewhere I read to use "id" sparingly.

I don't use it at all when I'm just applying a style to text.
You can do all the same stuff with classes.

Another thing you are doing that seems odd is sticking markup <i> 
into something that is already in a CSS declaration.

You have to remember that a lot of the point to CSS is the separating 
presentation from content & not using markup to format text.  You 
format your text in the style declaration & let the non CSS browsers 
default according to your structural tags.

If you need this much control/formatting, you might consider just 
giving in and using a graphic instead.  Just use "alt" text along 
with it.


>Erm, that was my style sheet & since it doesn't take up much bandwidth here
>it is again
>#heading1{font-size: 24pt; font-family: arial; font-variant: small-caps}
>  #text1{font-size: 12pt; font-family: arial; font-weight: bold;
>font-variant: small-caps}
>  #text2{font-size: 8pt; font-family: arial; font-variant: small-caps}
>  #text3{font-size: 10pt; font-family: arial; font-weight: bold;
>font-variant: small-caps}
>  #text4{font-size: 12pt; font-family: arial}
>One of the problem lines is this
><p id="heading1" align="center">welcome to <i>f</i>lex<i>f</i>ocus
>The whole reason I bought this up is because it worked with (I think it was)
>IE 5.1

erika at seastorm.com

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