[thelist] Are Web designers a dying breed?

Alessandro Alessandro at bodytrends.com
Wed Jul 19 18:15:05 CDT 2000

I remember when Photoshop first started becoming popular. Everybody in the
photo business freaked out. What took you a day in a darkroom could be
accomplished in a fraction of the time on your PC. Why would anybody hire a
professional? Uncle John will shoot every picture and we'll digi-fix-it and
print it! Naaah. Truth is that nothing can replace experience, skill and
talent... just like a jar of sea monkies won't replace 2000 gallon aquarium.

> Sure, the possibility of having a 'similar' design to another
> site may be at
> issue, but how can a beginning business substantiate paying 'big'
> bucks for
> a custom design

Would they anyways? They would probably hire some college kid for a little
above minimum wage. The way I see it, the two markets just don't cross.

my $.02

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Alessandro at bodytrends.com

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