[thelist] Bill E-mail As Consultation Hours?

Zachary Mutrux zacm at etr.org
Wed Jul 19 18:22:00 CDT 2000

Charge per KB of email sent. You can offer a block of KB for free, then at
the end of the month, check your sent file, sort by "to" and add up the
numbers. Then send the bill over email (don't charge for that one).

Be sure to include appropriate wording in contracts, and mention your email
consultation rates to the client or include the info in your standard
pre-contract documents.


At approximately 7/19/00 10:51 AM, the esteemed Aileen Wrothwell
(aileen at stonebikini.com) typed the following:

> I'm not asking how much you charge, but rather how you charge.

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