[thelist] RE: Razorfish retaliates - there's a reason for the cost

Chris Danek Chris.Danek at cmgisolutions.com
Wed Jul 19 19:41:44 CDT 2000

> what means "hi-end"?

Typically database driven, multi-tiered full fledged websites (retail sites
that keep customer history are a good & common example).

> mind, some of us may be a wee bit bitter because we are still
> surviving on top ramen.

Love the stuff.

> >To misunderstand why some sites cost $10 million and why some
> cost $10,000
> >is to misunderstand the depth of the technologies that we're all working
> >with.
> enlighten us, please.  what does it take to screw up a site with DHTML?

Not typically dHTML but rather all of the code created, which is typically
so interwoven and frail that an unfinished or now-broken-due-to-reason-x
piece of code can really mess up your day.

10 million also goes towards advertising, rent for all the people you have,
20-30% extra for management and dealing with a project that large, 3rd party
software, etc etc etc...

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