[thelist] CF Timestamp in a hidden input

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Wed Jul 19 19:42:13 CDT 2000

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> > obviously, the reserved word "current date" will vary from 
> database to
> > database, so you gotta look it up
> > 
> > in ms access, it's Date()
> > 
> > also, you may be off by a few seconds in a timestamp if what you're
> > capturing is a user event, but in one sense, using the 
> > database's timestamp
> > is better, because the event didn't happen unless/until it's 
> > logged in the
> > database

in MS SQL Server, its a function: GetDate()

and on the second point, we use the db server's timestamp exclusively, comes
in handy when you have multiple machines running different kinds of software
read/writing to the db. On top of that we have this little handy-dandy
utility called AboutTime which syncs up the machine's clock with the udp
time protocol --it even accounts for latency in the network (can't remember
if the program or the protocol does the compensation). 

think safely

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