[thelist] Eudora (Migration from Netscape Mail)

David Nicholls nicholls at u030.aone.net.au
Wed Jul 19 23:23:08 CDT 2000

Anthony Baratta wrote:
> For you Eudora users out there.....
> I've been a semi-loyal Netscape Mail user since waaaay back when. Now due to job
> circumstances I need the multiple personalities capabilities of Eudora. (I will not
> move to Outlook or Outlook Express.)

Not what you were asking for, but the mail client in Opera 4 is quite
nice, and allows multiple mail profiles (be sure to use 4.01, 4.0 was a
mistake). Some irritations, like no view full headers option, but

I was just reading about the problems Eudora faces by using the IE
rendering engine for HTML email and thus opening up new varieties of
virus (the "IE scripting" bug).  I'm not in a position to judge the
severity of this, but worth thinking about.

I think the bug (and fix) details are at

(mind the wrap)


David Nicholls
Nicholls Communications
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