[thelist] Bill E-mail As Consultation Hours?

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Thu Jul 20 02:11:47 CDT 2000

Project management non-billable?? Perish the thought!

Project management and client management can be the most valuable part of a
contract if it is delivered as a service. I've basically made my entire
career from this part of the business and it pays! 

I'm shocked :-)


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> are you doing more than project management?  to me, client 
> management, project management, etc., are non-billable events 
> (depending on the circumstances -- a pain-in-the-ass client who 
> requires all sorts of hand-holding gets hit with an administrative 
> fee)... i add on an admin fee to all of my invoices, so that helps 
> defray some costs of doing bills and the like..

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