[thelist] Flash Genius

Watkins Matthew matthew at Natuzzi.com
Thu Jul 20 03:20:10 CDT 2000

Some good playful use of flash:


Be sure to check out the Secret Garden of Mutabor.

I think that the gratuitous posting of urls requires a tip. This is the best
I can come up with at the moment.



When putting together your business plan be sure to consider the long term
budget implications of licensing costs for your content management system.
BroadVision or Vignette can get pretty expensive as traffic increase.
Licenecing of Vignette for example is tied to the number and speed of the
processor(s) you are using towards the internet, page views and the number
of registered profiles the system handles.  These can really add up as your
traffic or userers increase. If your increased traffic does not generate new
revenue you could find yourself in trouble.

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