[thelist] RE: Razorfish retaliates - there's a reason for the cost

martin burns martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Jul 20 04:19:04 CDT 2000

> > what means "hi-end"?
> Typically database driven, multi-tiered full fledged websites (retail
> sites
> that keep customer history are a good & common example).

Data warehouses and data marts are not cheap.

>> top ramen.
> Love the stuff.
> > >To misunderstand why some sites cost  10 million and why some
> > cost  10,000
> > >is to misunderstand the depth of the technologies that we're all
> working with.

> 10 million also goes towards advertising, rent for all the people you
> have,
> 20-30% extra for management and dealing with a project that large, 3rd
> party
> software, etc etc etc...

Once you're licencing Vignette/Broadvision/ATG Dynamo/e.piphany, paying for (good) developers, getting strategic consultancy in online CRM (http://www.pwcglobal.com etc), getting Oracle to build your data structures for you, *and* keeping your own staff (your prime assets) deliriously happy to work for you rather than walking out of the door, then 10mil goes very, very quickly.

And that's before you start marketing a site (particularly in the consumer space - you could spend 10mil there alone and still only make a smallish splash).


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