[thelist] Are Web designers a dying breed?

John Snippe design at cybernautica.com
Thu Jul 20 09:27:06 CDT 2000

On 7/20/00,  regarding " RE: [thelist] Are Web designers a dying breed? ",
martin burns offered the following:

>> 'the knowledge needed has
>> expanded
>> to such a vast amount that nobody can possibly have all the knowledge
>> that
>> is essential to know'. This makes it imperative that people learn to
>> work
>> with niche specialists - even the niche specialists themselves.
>If it's not your core competence, then for goodness' sake outsource it to
>someone who can do it really well.
So... if I follow this correctly, the general concensus is that the day of
the 'general practitioner' is waning?  In other words... I am in the middle
of learning how to integrate a Filemaker/ Lasso solution.  Never done it
before... hope to do it agian.  However, my 'core competence' (such as it
is) would have to be more along the lines of design/ GUI... and even there,
I am far less 'competent than many folks on this list. I have a steadly
stream of clients... and they seem to be reasonably pleased (the cheques
always clear!).  Is my particular form of enterprise doomed?

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