[thelist] CFMAIL Kinks?

Czechowski, Aaron aczechowski at towson.edu
Thu Jul 20 10:26:00 CDT 2000

> > It turns out that if the 'from' isn't the same as the domain that 
> > it's sending from, it's no go. I have no idea why this my be though.
> Isn't this just one of the things people can set up on their 
> SMTP servers
> (to protect against spamming??)? So it's not CF's fault: it passes the
> message on, and the mail server says "no!"

AFAIK this is referred to as "relaying" and is often shut down to
disallowing spamming.  forces the SMTP server to only send mail from
accounts/systems within the same domain.  so in your case, Frank, changing
the FROM address to the same as the SMTP server should work.  Or the problem
may lie in that the CF Server is not in the same domain as the SMTP server
(if your cf server is cfusion.snafu.com & the smtp server is


Aaron  :)

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