[thelist] Eudora (Migration from Netscape Mail)

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Thu Jul 20 11:17:22 CDT 2000

> >I have Eudora 4.3.2 (paid versus ads) installed but it does not want 
> >to import my
> >Netscape 4.7x mailbox. According to Eudora's website they only 
> >support upto Netscape
> >4.2. (I can't think that the mail format changed any during the 4.x 
> >series that would
> >stop it from being migratable.) All ways to run the import procedure 
> >via Eudora don't
> >get me where I want. Either the functionality listed in the 
> help files is
> >non-existant or greyed out.

Hey, Anthony --

I lost some of this thread between here and home, so this may already have
been addressed, but could you get an old version of NC (4.2 or older) and
import your 4.7 mail into that, then into Eudora?


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