[thelist] The client from hell

Jodi Short weboriginals at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 13:02:26 CDT 2000

Well, I took your advice and decided to call it quits.
 Just after I received your comments I also received
two emails from him giving me more grief - basically
asking to change things he already approved.  So I am
to assume he was trying to get out of it any way he
could.  I sent him his images on CD,  paperwork, and
his original logo.  I told him that I was switching
the domain names into his name asap and good luck in
the future.

Now he wants the password to be able to get into the
site that is loaded on the server.  Is he really
entitled to that?  The site was not complete but he
wanted it hosted.  He only paid me $350 of the $950

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