[thelist] [thelist]Drop down form thing

Elizabeth Hincks liz at aoainc.com
Thu Jul 20 17:43:01 CDT 2000

Hello evolt-ers.

	I am creating a page with three separate drop down form thingys ...each
with 8 or so menu items. ...all lined up nice and happy.    Client wants
them all to be the same "width" ...which seems to be determined by the
length of the longest menu item within the drop down form thingy.  Anybody
know of a way to get them all looking pretty and same size?

Another thing while I'm on the drop down form thingy....I have created a
button for the user to hit when the selection has been made called
"go"...(original!)  ...anyway, it seems that Netscape on the Mac can't deal
with "Onclick" ...what is up with that????  I'm now using OnMouseover
...which is a totally different user experience.  People like to "CLICK"
....man...none of this mouseover wimpiness!!!

Anyway...ignore my surly attitude ...no sleep...too much caffeine.


Elizabeth Hincks

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