[thelist] RE: Razorfish retaliates - there's a reason for the cost

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Thu Jul 20 21:25:22 CDT 2000

> 	But I have to wonder how a site becomes so expensive. I would be
> 	interested in knowing the process of developing such a site... maybe
> 	it would shed some light as to how a site could both cost so much
> and
> 	have so many... issues.
> 	mind, some of us may be a wee bit bitter because we are still
> 	surviving on top ramen.
> Interestingly, you assume a high client billable falls directly to
> employees' paychecks. That's just not so. And you imply Ramen is just for
> people who'd buy better food if they had more money. Ramen is like the
> Eucharist for techies - be careful how you disparage it.

Of course it does! A good designer can make a really nice salary. I won't
believe for a moment that Razorfish doesn't pay its senior designers the top
in the industry for their work. That's overhead that has to be maintained.

<on a tangent>Razorfish has a lot of overhead in terms of image as well. A
company hiring them pays for that image just as you pay more for a rare
bottle of wine or a pair of Prada shoes. I mean, maybe the shoes don't look
that special... but they're PRADA!

I do wonder what this will do for the image of Razorfish in the long run. I
think they are only mildly impervious to its negative effects. People are
talking about this and examining that site with not much knowledge of what's
what on that site. Was it completed when it went live? Did designers from
IAM muck with it? Did it go through a quality assurance/control process?

- amanda

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