[thelist] re: coffee cup editor

Thu Jul 20 21:56:36 CDT 2000

Theodore Serbinski wrote:

> Recently a thread went through about obtaining the Coffee Cup Editor for
> free. After checking out a few pages, I see where the error (or
> misinterpation) occured orginally in that article.
> The author of that article said Coffee Cup was free but no one could find it
> for free, you had the buy the product.
> The mixup, both are correct. According to this ZDnet page:
> http://hotfiles.zdnet.com/cgi-bin/texis/swlib/hotfiles/info.html?fcode=000D9
> B&b=pcm
> Coffee cup is FREE TO TRY, but $49 IF YOU DECIDE TO KEEP IT.
> -ted
> <tip author="ted serbinski" type="read carefully">
> When reading articles read carefully all the small print at the bottom.
> Often it reveals many of the misconpetions that the article contains. Or in
> the case above, if you are writing articles, make sure you get your facts
> right. No one wants to read an article and than be even more confused than
> before.
> </tip>
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Please look for coffee cup html editor version 5.0 as this was the one that was
freebie; may also be listed as coffee cup express html editor I can't find the
url for it


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