[thelist] Are Web designers a dying breed?

martin burns martin at members.evolt.org
Fri Jul 21 09:03:01 CDT 2000

> > Can you name some of these niches? It would be important, perhaps, to
> > define what the horizon should look like.

> Graphic Design
Of what? Stationery? Posters? Bills? Signage? Typefaces? Logos?

> Imaging
Print? OnScreen? Photography? Duotone? Full colour? Montages?

> Coding
Which languages/devices?

> Marketing
In what environment?

> Advertising
Above the line or below? Posters? DM print & personalisation? Radio? Talk or Music?

> Languages
Which ones and for which group? Getting a 60 yo traditionalist to translate Tomb Raider may not end up the way you expected.

> Server Administration
Unix? NT? DB? LDAP? POP? SMTP? Network? Web? Firewalls?

> Legal
Intellectual property? Contract? Defamation? International?

> Copywriting
For print? Magazines? Newspapers? For Web? For traditional media companies wanting to dual purpose, or for pure eCommerce plays? Which audience?

> Public Relations
To which area of the media?

> Music/Sound
Classical? Pop? Jazz? Folk? Industrial? Dance? Soul?

> Animation
Cell? Computer? Claymation? Anime?

Lots and lots of niches out there. All the ones I've suggested can be subdivided, by customer size apart from anything else.


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