[thelist] WebCrypt 2000

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 21 09:21:12 CDT 2000

sounds like PsyralPhobia, another app that uses client-side script 
to encrypt pages... however, i don't consider writing the page in 
reverse to be adequate "encryption"...

doesn't stop me from getting the images (open up NN3 is what i 
did)... but will stop me from seeing it without JS enabled in either 
browser (NN4 and NN3, dinna test in others)...

i can still copy-paste the text and screencap the images... i can 
still read the HTML, although i have to do it right-to-left...

and there is *no* HTML out there (or even JS) that is so cutting 
edge that it can't be re-created... hell, even the best coded sites i 
see i often think i might do it a different way anyway (not better, 
just different)... hiding code does two things:
  - it hides how poorly you coded...
  - it gives you an inflated sense of importance...

i dunno about you, but i right-click surf *everywhere* (i open all 
links in a new window), and the few times i've seen a site with right-
click disabled, i've gone in and swiped their files to mail back to 
them... that pisses me off...

> From:"Ron White" <rwhite at edverify.com>
> Anyone ever try this?? Would seem interesting if only to prevent
> graphics from being used by other sites...
> WebCrypt 2000
> Protect your Web site by encrypting your HTML code. This utility
> allows you to keep your hyperlinks, JavaScript, and Web graphics
> secure. Guard against spammers who try to hack into your site to glean
> e-mail addresses from your HTML pages. This utility can also protect
> against link backs that eat up your site's bandwidth, and it lets you
> disable right-clicks on Web pages.
> http://www.pcworld.com/r/shw/1%2C2087%2C7344%2C00.html

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