[thelist] HTML coding via JS in a form

Czechowski, Aaron aczechowski at towson.edu
Fri Jul 21 12:02:02 CDT 2000

the trick would be to get selected text into a variable.  if that's possible
then it's gravy - have a button bring the text into a variable, add the
appropriate tags to the front and end, then place it back.  is it possible
to use JS to bring selected form text into a variable?  something like

aaron  :)

p.s. please let me know if you get this working - i've been thinking about a
similar thing for a while now, but didn't think it's possible....

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> From: aardvark [mailto:roselli at earthlink.net]
> deploying an ActiveX control, or another WYSIWYG is outta the 
> question right now... does anyone have any 4.x+ browser-friendly 
> JS that can take a slection of text and 'bullet' it?  
> essentially write 
> the code?
> i am using ASP server-side, but working through a script to parse 
> hyphens and numbers into the appropriate list type is a little, well, 
> imprecise...

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